The HS Membership is an addon plugin to the s2Member Plugin.  It provides additional functionality including:

  • The ability to disable the creation of blogs for Multi-Site installations, based on Membership Level.
  • New redirect to a ‘Login Required’ page, to promt the user to login first before he can browse the contents of the blog. This is required for older installs and upgrades from WPMU 2.9.
  • New meta-box feature added to allow the author to set the Access Level of a Page/Post directly from the edit page.

The current version of this plugin is version 1.0 and this was released in September 2011. This version is up to date with WordPress version 3.2.1 and s2Member version 110815.  Should there be any bugs in the plugin, please submit it via the Support Ticket system.  Sugestions on improving this plugin is also welcome at all times.  The Support Ticket system can be used for this as well.

This plugin is available for download via the site as a free plugin.  Please refer to for the latest and most up to date version of the plugin.

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