This Page will describe how to install and use the HS Access Plugin on your WordPress Multi-Site Installation:

Step 1 – Install HS Access:

Download and install the HS Access using the Add New option under Plugins on your Installation Admin page. When downloaded, ensure that you also ‘Network Activate’ the plugin.

Step 2 – Enable control of the admin menus:

Select the ‘HS Access’ option under Settings on your Installation Admin page.

The first option available here, Enable Administration Menus, is used to allow the HS Access plugin to take control of the ‘Enable administration menus’ option in the Super Admin menu.  If this ‘Enable administration menus’ option is not enabled, it will override the functioning of the HS Access Plugin.

By default HS Access will limit access to all plugins, including newly installed plugins.  So even if this option is selected, User Blogs will still be prevented from accessing the plugins.  The Super-Admin will have to enable the specific plugin(s) for users.

In order to avoid confusion, HS Access provide the option to take control of this function, in order to prevent it being disabled inadvertently in the Super-Admin administration panel. It is recommended that this option is enabled.

Remember to hit the ‘Save Changes’ button once you are happy with all the settings.

Step 3 – Enable access to specific users:

Select the ‘HS Access’ option under Settings on your Installation Admin page.

The second option available here, labelled Plugin Access Settings, is used to enable access to specific plugins on a per-user basis.  Below this option will be displayed a table with three columns.  The first column contains a list of all the User Blog Admins.  The second column show what plugins this user currently have access to.  The third column allow the Super-Admin to add or remove plugins from the list in the second column.

To add access to new plugins for a user, select all the plugins for that user from the list in the third column.  Multiple entries can be selected from this list by holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key while selecting the list item(s) with the mouse.  If you wish to remove access to all plugins for this specific user, select the ‘– None –‘ option.

Once all the user access rights is correct hit the ‘Save Changes’ button.  The ‘Save Changes’ button  can also be used multiple times to save changes as you progress through your list of users.

Note: After a user has been granted access to a new plugin, this user will still have to ‘activate’ the plugin using his Admin Page before it will become active on his blog.

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