The HS Access plugin provide the Super-Admin of a WordPress Multi-Site installation the ability to selectively allow the admins of the member blogs access to Plugins.

The access is provided on a Per Individual basis.  A list of all the installed plugins that is not Network Activated, is provided.  The Super-Admin will then have the ability to select the Plugins that the member blog will have access to.  By default the member blog will not have access to any plugins and the access will be granted to member blogs.  This also mean that when a new plugin is installed, the member blogs will not have access to it, and the Super Admin will need to allow access as required.

The current version of this plugin is version 0.2.1. Should there be any bugs in the plugin, please submit it via the Support Ticket system.  Sugestions on improving this plugin is also welcome at all times.  The Support Ticket system can be used for this as well.

This plugin is available for download via the site as a free plugin.  Please refer to for the latest and most up to date version of the plugin.

For intructions on the installation of HS Access please visit the How-To page

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